KJED Volume. 2, Issue 1 (2022)




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An Analysis of Articles’ Usage among Students Studying English in Selected Universities in Sudan

Abstract: This paper investigated how the articles are used by Sudanese university students studying the English language in Khartoum to highlight their effective mastery of “a”, “an” and “the”. Specifically, the descriptions of proper and improper use of articles by students of Khartoum State universities were done in relation to factors propelling them. The data for the study were drawn from the essays of university students in Khartoum. Through the research design, collection and analysis of first-hand information were done using qualitative approach and techniques. The findings revealed that most Sudan University students are not aware of the right usage of English articles and their application, and using English articles is considered a daunting task during language learning. In addition, most of the challenges faced by students in using articles in English require that both students and teachers pay attention to ways of overcoming them. Hence, teachers should implement academic activities to help English language learners improve their writing abilities, especially on proper usage of articles in English.