KJED Volume. 2, Issue 2 (2022)


Tukura, C. S., Owodunni, A. S., Owoso, J. O., Usman G. A., Saka-Alikinla, I.


Gender interest mind mapping instructional technique

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Gender Disparity on the Interest of Learners When Exposed to Concepts in Technical Drawing Using Mind Mapping Instructional Techniques

Abstract: This study determined the effect of Mind mapping instructional techniques (MMIT) on learners’ interest in secondary school (SS) Technical Drawing (TD). The interest of learners exposed to instruction in TD using MMIT was compared with learners exposed to instruction in TD using the traditional approach as control. Three research questions and 3 null hypotheses guided the study. A quasi-experimental research design was employed. The Participants were 298 SSII TD students for the 2018/2019 Academic session in Gwagwalada Area Council of Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. The sample was 86 TD students drawn through a multistage sampling technique. TD Interest Inventory (TDII) developed by the researcher and validated by three experts was the instrument used for data collection. The instrument was trial tested and its internal consistency index was determined using the Chronbach alpha procedure. A reliability coefficient index of 0.69 was obtained for the TDII. Data collected were analysed using mean and ANCOVA. Findings revealed that MMIT was more suitable for improving learners’ interest in TD than the Conventional or traditional method. Gender was not an established fact or variable that contributed to learners’ interest in TD when exposed to MMIT. Lastly, the research outcomes show a significant interaction effect of gender and treatment on interest. The study suggested adequate training of teachers on the use of MMIT in TD for secondary schools.