KJED Volume. 3, Issue 2 (2023)


Adebola Oladiji Alaba (Ph.D.), Anthonia Ayobami Oyelade (Ph.D.), Rukayat Oyebola Iwintolu (Ph.D.) & Emmanuel Opeyemi Amusan


Competence ICT Knowledge Qualification Technical subjects.

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Qualification and ICT Knowledge as Predictors of Technical Subject Teaching Competence of Teachers in Osun State, Nigeria

Abstract: This paper examines the ability of educational qualifications and ICT knowledge to predict the teaching competence of teachers in the technical school setting in Osun State. A descriptive survey research design was adopted for the study. A sample of 40 teachers and 100 students in technical schools from two Local Government Areas (LGAs) were selected from Osun State which formed the participants for the study. Qualification and ICT knowledge were measured using assessment questionnaire and technical subject teaching competence was assessed by students’ evaluation of their teachers’ competencies in teaching with reliability coefficient of 0.85. Data were analysed using descriptive statistical tools such as mean, standard deviation, frequency counts and linear regression analysis statistic. The result revealed that teachers were proficient in using smartphones, email and internet; while they ranked disc player, film stripes, smart boards and projectors least among facilities they have proficiency in. The result revealed that students’ evaluation of teachers’ competence was low. The study also showed that teachers’ qualification had a positive correlation with their teaching competence while their knowledge of ICT had a negative correlation with their competency in technical secondary schools in Osun State. It was recommended that technical schools should ensure that their teachers upgraded themselves in terms of qualifications, certification and knowledge in ICT in order to meet the demands of technical education.