Editorial Policy

Review Processes

All submitted manuscripts will pass through editorial review to determine their suitability for publication in KJED and their compliance with KJED guidelines for manuscript preparation and submission. The peer-review process will be concerning the context and contents. Manuscripts submitted for publication will be peer-reviewed by at least three reviewers, active in the relevant field of the submitted manuscript.


Authors may be requested to provide names and contact information (e-mail address) of three experts in the field as possible reviewers of their papers. Reviewers should be knowledgeable of the research area and must not have a conflict of interest. Do not list collaborators, colleagues, and researchers at your institution, former advisors or advisers. The editors are, however, not bound to use any of the suggested reviewer(s).


Only papers with favorable reports will be subjected to plagiarism check and accepted for publication with a percentage plagiarism of ≤ 15%. The acceptance of manuscripts for publication shall be decided by the Editorial Board. When the article is published the corresponding author will receive the electronic reprint of the article in Adobe’s PDF format. 


Processing & Publication charges


  1. KJED does not charge a processing fee for submitted manuscripts. 
  2. Authors may only withdraw their manuscripts before the review process.
  3. Once manuscripts are ACCEPTED for publication, authors are required to immediately format their manuscripts.
  4. However as stated under Formatting Guidelines (under Figures), author(s) will bear the extra cost involved in producing printed coloured figures, if required. For colour reproduction in print, author(s) will receive information regarding the costs after manuscripts have been accepted for publication. 
  5. Authors who require postage of hard copies will be responsible for the service fee for hard copies and postage.

  • Fees charged are subject to review as may be dictated by inflation and overhead running costs.