Volume 3, Issue 2 (2023)

Volume 3, Issue 2 (2023)

Published: 14th Dec, 2023

ISSN: 2790-4172 (Online)
Publisher: Kampala International University (KIU)


Training in conflict management and workers’ productivity in companies in Cross River State, Nigeria.

Ekpenyong Violet Oyo (Ph.D.), Tawo Catherine N. (Ph. D.) & Ojong Aganyi A. (Ph. D.) [ Pages: 1-8 ]

Qualification and ICT Knowledge as Predictors of Technical Subject Teaching Competence of Teachers in Osun State, Nigeria.

Adebola Oladiji Alaba (Ph.D.), Anthonia Ayobami Oyelade (Ph.D.), Rukayat Oyebola Iwintolu (Ph.D.) & Emmanuel Opeyemi Amusan [ Pages: 9-20 ]

Awareness on universal basic education policy and out of school children phenomenon in Nigeria.

Orji Christopher Michael [ Pages: 21-30 ]

Effect of adequate academic staff-mix on staff job performance in south-eastern Nigeria Universities.

Okeke Emeka Paul (Ph. D) [ Pages: 31-40 ]

Repositioning of various Funding in adult education (Nigeria) In 21st century.

Edoho Glory Emmanuel (Ph.D.) & Wonah Dominic E. (Ph.D.) [ Pages: 41-47 ]

Promoting fringe benefits as motivational strategy and staff productivity in Nigerian Universities.

Edoho Glory Emmanuel (Ph.D.) & Olabisi Bella Charles (Ph.D.) [ Pages: 48-58 ]

Militating Challenges in Establishing Small Scale Business in Cross River State.

Asor L.J, Beshel C.A & Tawo K N [ Pages: 59-65 ]

Institutional Factors and Doctoral Degree Completion in South-west, Nigeria Universities.

Dr. Olujide O. Dixon & Dr. Ogechi U. Okafor [ Pages: 66-77 ]

Assessing the acquired skills for demand and employability in the job market: a tracer study of LIS graduates of Umaru Musa Yar’adua University in Katsina metropolis Nigeria.

Ibrahim Nauwara Umar & Fari Sani Abdu (PhD) [ Pages: 78-86 ]

Ethical Leadership in Institutions of Higher Education.

Eutychus Ngotho Gichuru [ Pages: 87-97 ]

Ethical Standards in Higher Education.

Eutychus Ngotho Gichuru [ Pages: 98-114 ]

Effects of sexual and gender-based violence on psycho-socio development of in-school adolescent girls in Alimosho local government area of Lagos, Nigeria.

Dr. Daodu Morufu Adedayo & Dr. Elegbede Christie Bola [ Pages: 115-122 ]

Preservice teachers’ attitude towards the use of electronic portfolio in colleges of education in Oyo state, Nigeria.

Abidoye James Alabi [ Pages: 123-130 ]

High cost of living and worker’s productivity in Cross River State, Nigeria.

Arikpo Esther Bassey (Ph.D.), Olabisi Bella Charles (Ph.D.), Ulayi Agnes Ingiagar (Ph.D.) & Anipi Gabriel Esidene (Ph.D.) [ Pages: 131-141 ]

Entrepreneurial inclinations among student-teachers in the School of Education, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Eutychus Ngotho Gichuru & George Leonard Kahangwa (PhD) [ Pages: 142-155 ]

Women participation in adult literacy programs for sustainable development in Nigeria: implication for national development.

Mkpa I. O, Erim C. M & Anam E [ Pages: 156-165 ]

Parental socio-economic factors and child abuse tendencies in Obudu Local government area of Cross River State.

Ushie Godwin Beshibeshebe (PhD), Olofu Paul Agbade, Ekpenyong Violet Oyo, Ukpanukpong Fidelis A, Abuokwen Augustine Akomaye [ Pages: 166-172 ]

Skill Acquisition Training and Unemployment Reduction among Youths in Cross River State, Nigeria.

Costly Manyo Erim, Glory James Okon & Rose Ayiba Ojong [ Pages: 173-184 ]

Influence of selected management factors on strategic planning process in secondary schools in Lagos state.

Adebola Oladiji ALABA (Ph.D.), Yesiru Adebola Adebajo (Ph.D.), Anthonia Ayobami OYELADE (Ph.D.) & Margaret Funke FAREMI (Ph.D.) [ Pages: 185-197 ]

Management strategies for effective administration of higher education in Nigeria in the 21st century.

Dr. Olofu Paul Agbade, Dr. Ushie Godwin B, Dr. Ugbe Theresa Beyin & Ushie Augustine Egwa [ Pages: 198-208 ]
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