KJED Volume. 3, Issue 2 (2023)


Edoho Glory Emmanuel (Ph.D.) & Olabisi Bella Charles (Ph.D.)


Fringe benefits Motivation Productivity

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Promoting fringe benefits as motivational strategy and staff productivity in Nigerian Universities

Abstract: The trust of this paper is to unravel fringe benefits as a tool of motivation and staff productivity in educational zones. To fulfill the objective of this investigation, a single research query was posed, also a null hypothesis was generated. The study employed a survey research design, selecting a sample of 792 respondents from a population of 8,112 administrative staff through random sampling. Stratified random sampling was utilized in the selection process. Data collection relied on questionnaires as the primary instrument, which underwent face validation. The instruments’ reliability was assessed using Cronbachalpha reliability method, along with statistical analyses like Pearson product-moment correlation and multiple regression. The hypothesis was subjected to testing at 0.05 level of significance with relative degrees of freedom. The results of the findings revealed that, inclusiveness of fringe benefits in a place of work significantly relate to staff’ productivity. Based on the findings of the study, it was recommended among others that management of all educational zones should ensure that both administrative and academic staff should be motivated by paying their fringe benefit as at when due to enhance productivity and work relief.