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Name of Journal:  KIU Journal of Education (KJED) is published biannually (April-May and October-November).

Authorship: Regarding authorship guidelines, KJED subscribes to the recommendations of Yale University in line with best practices. Authorship of a scientific or scholarly paper should be limited to those individuals who have contributed in a meaningful and substantive way to its intellectual content. Each author should have participated sufficiently in the work to take public responsibility for its content. 

The first author is usually the person who has performed the central experiments of the project. Often, this individual is also the person who has prepared the first draft of the manuscript. The lead author is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all other authors meet the requirements for authorship as well as ensuring the integrity of the work itself. The lead author will usually serve as the corresponding author.

Each co-author is responsible for considering his or her role in the project and whether that role merits attribution of authorship. Co-authors should review and approve the manuscript, at least as it pertains to their roles in the research.

All co-authors should have been directly involved in all three of the following:

Planning and contribution to some component (conception, design, conduct, analysis, or interpretation) of the work that led to the paper or interpreting at least a portion of the results;

Writing a draft of the article or revising it for intellectual content, and

Final approval of the version to be published. All authors should review and approve the manuscript before it is submitted for publication, at least as it pertains to their roles in the project.

Acquisition of funding, the collection of data, or general supervision of the research group, by themselves, do not justify authorship. In the case of publications arising from research conducted by students, and where the student has done the majority of the work, the student will normally be the first author. The second/last authorship is appropriate for the supervisor provided the conditions outlined in the preceding paragraph are met. Second/last authorship is not acceptable if the supervisor only encourages, physical facilities, financial support, critiques, or editorial contributions.

Authors should be able to describe what each contributed. All others who contributed to the work who are not authors should be included in the “Acknowledgements section”, and what they did should be described. Authorship of multi-center studies is attributed to a group. All members of the group who are named authors should meet the authorship criteria listed above.

Group members who do not meet these criteria should be listed, with their permission in the “Acknowledgements section”. The order of authorship should be a joint decision of the co-authors. Authors should be prepared to explain the order in which authors are listed.