KJED Volume. 2, Issue 1 (2022)


AMINU Segun, OGUNMOLA Adedamola A., DAHUNSI Kayode F.


Migration trauma memory decolonisation

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Engaging Decolonisation: Migration, Memory and Trauma in Contemporary African Literature

Abstract: The subject of decolonisation has been engaged by scholars such as Chinweizu (1987) and Ngugi (1986). However, this research centres around the contributions of contemporary African writers by interrogating the subjects of trauma, memory and migration in African literature. It analyses the transition of trauma from the colonial period till now using contemporary literary text. This discourse also examines the issues arising from migration in the writings of migrant writers. Further, the essay elucidates the issue of collective memory in African literature. It probes the effect of colonialism on the lives of Africans and their response to its trauma throughout history. It concludes by identifying the strategies employed by contemporary African writers in their works to decolonise the African mind and the inherent deficiencies.