KJED Volume. 2, Issue 2 (2022)


Nwokoleme Vincent, Akorede Seun N., Kizito Praise-God D


Effect Nutrition Athlete Endurance Training

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Effect of Requisite Nutrition for Athletes of Endurance Training: A Non-Empirical Review

Abstract: Weakness during endurance exercise is associated with a reduction in muscle glycogen beyond the physiological basal level, the response to compensate for this effect has been through the increase in carbohydrate uptake. Also, other dietary combinations have shown effectiveness in the required carbohydrate supply in improving the performance of athletes before and during endurance workouts. The search was made in Green Science Hub, PubMed, Free Full PDF, and World Wide Web for randomized trials published from 1995 to 2022 with a basic interest in performance in endurance exercise. All citations amounted to 22 which were examined based on the inclusion criteria of randomization or crossover allocation to diet and the basic result was endurance performance. Four full-text articles qualified for inclusion and were added to the current review. In the days to weeks before testing, one trial with an increased fat diet versus carbohydrate enhanced performance, others proved infinitesimal in effect. There was no advantage in changing protein for carbohydrates during this period, but hazelnut consumption improved performance. In the pre-event meal, fat improved performance in combination with carbohydrate intake. During endurance events, interchanging carbohydrates with protein had different results on performance and should be studied more. Conclusively, carbohydrate provides the highest energy before and during activities for all endurance performance compared to other ones needed in high amount, including water.